Shenzhen JCDads Tech Co.,Ltd

As a professional LED display manufacturer, JCDads is engaged in the design, production, wholesale and retail distribution of products for the led display market, including command and control centers; media, advertising and retail displays; sports and architectural presentations; and event and conferencing venues around the throughout the world.

Hot Products

    • 4K Led Screen

      4K Led Screen

      4K led screen with wonderful presentation, lifelike picture. Low brightness and high gray: 16bit low brightness and high gray, high gray level lossless technology is still maintained under 200nits, and the picture details are clearly visible; High refresh rate: 3800HZ, no flicker on the screen;...

    • LED Advertising Screen

      LED Advertising Screen

      Brief: LED advertising screen media also has the advertising characteristics of high effective reach rate. Compared with media placement forms such as TV and newspapers, the price of LED advertising screens is relatively low. These unique values make the full-color LED advertising screen media...