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As a professional LED display manufacturer, JCDads is engaged in the design, production, wholesale and retail distribution of products for the led display market, including command and control centers; media, advertising and retail displays; sports and architectural presentations; and event and conferencing venues around the throughout the world.

Hot Products

    • Indoor LED Displays

      Indoor LED Displays

      Indoor led displays brief: High-quality lamps, high-efficiency lamp brightness utilization, while ensuring lamp service life and high-quality plastic parts. High contrast can achieve good display effects. Weight is easy to install and disassemble, single-point and single-lamp maintenance, low...

    • Advertising Outdoor LED Display

      Advertising Outdoor LED Display

      Advertising Outdoor LED Display Introduction 1. Good light mixing: Red, green and blue tubes are mixed in the same tube, with extremely high color matching and more realistic color performance. 2. High contrast ratio: Compared with in-line full-color and in-line monochrome, the display effect is...

    • Indoor HD Led Screen

      Indoor HD Led Screen

      Indoor HD led screen Indoor led display are mainly used in large-scale indoor commercial advertisements and conference venues, lobbies, hotels, etc.; With high refresh rate and high grayscale, the LED display screen is more realistic and meets the requirements of high visual quality for...