Amber Outdoor LED Gas Price Sign

The Amber Outdoor LED Gas Price Sign is the most popular led display screen among the people.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

The Amber Outdoor LED Gas Price Sign is the most popular led display screen among the people. This product is available to meet the needs of those looking for high resolution LED displays with lightweight characteristics. It is especially designed for live events, entertainment, and trade show applications, as well as fixed installation in TV station, studios, church or casinos etc. Our Amber Outdoor LED Gas Price Sign is mostly used in many big events and live concert program, wedding events, stage performances, pop star concerts, opening ceremonies, hotel events, car exhibitions, trade shows, brand promotions, product launch, wedding ceremonies, festival celebration activity , school activity program and many other places.

Features and Advantages

1) Waterproof : protected by a clear acrylic front cover for Gas Station Price Signs

IP 65 (Ingress Protection Rating) makes it withstand all weather as well as natural calamities

2) Wireless Remote control with up to 300 feet direct line of sight, user friendly remote :update the pricing of the display sitting in your store with the remote controller

No extra cost or labor work for updating the Gas  Station Price Signs

3) Simple Installation 

4) Different colors like Amber, Red, Green, Blue,White

5) Available in various sizes,, select a height: 4'',6", 8",10'', 12",16'',18",20'',24'',32'' ,36", 48", 60", 72"

Choose from varied regional formats like 88.88, 8.88, 8.888, 8.88 9/10,8.889 and other Gas Station Price Signs

6) Double Sided / single sided and 3 sides for customers optional.


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Packing, wooden box or carton 

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