Double Faces LED Gas Price Sign

We are specialized in designing and producing indoor and outdoor LED display for comprehensive application. We are always dedicating to produce high quality and reliable LED display and offer excellent after sales service to our customer.
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Product Details

1.Features and Advantages:

1.LED sign modules maker,which is made by first-class Taiwan Led Chip

2. Easy Installation & Using. it's customized and auto-adjustable. 

3.The number 8 can show any digits you want. 0 - 9 , and dots. 

4.The material of the cabinet can choose iron,aluminum ,simple box.

5.The display can use for one side. double sides, three sides etc.

6.With a wide range of viewing angles, the horizontal and vertical all come to more than 70degrees.

7.Light sensor with automatic dimming

8.Wireless Remote control with up to 300 feet direct line of sight

9.Built with very high quality, durable, light weight steel frame

10.Help your business grow more quickly

2.Product Introduction

Led gas price sign, also named led gas price display. With high brightness LED through SCM programming to show digital number. Saving energy, protection, safety, easy operation. This is new design led gas price sign.


图片158(001) 图片159(001)

Double faces LED gas price sign


Module detail:

图片187(001) 图片188(001)

图片189(001) 图片190(001) 图片191(001)

 Double faces LED gas price sign aging


Packing, wooden box or carton 

图片167(001) 图片168(001)


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