Green Outdoor LED Gas Price Sign

Application for expressway national highways, gas stations at provincial highways to display signs. Can be customized in different colors and different sizes
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LED oil price screen function:

The number can be changed at any time, a variety of control methods:

1.WiFi control to change the oil price via mobile phone RF remote control: 300 meters wireless RF remote control, remote control modify digital information, connect with computer, control by computer software

2. Red Green Blue White Yellow Five colors LED oil screen brightness control: automatic control through the photosensitive probe automatic control, high brightness during the day, low brightness at night to meet energy-saving requirements and environmental protection.

3. Product format 8.889/10 8.889 88.88 8.888 888.8, etc., the display format can be designed according to customer requirements


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Green outdoor led gas price sign

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12inch green led gas price sign Basic Information:



Digital Number format: 8888;888.8;88.88etc

Digital Heights: 12"

Max Power: 20W

Work Power:12V(DC)

Viewing Distance: 150m

Wide View Angel :70 degree

Brightness : 4000cd/m2

Working Temperature:-40℃ to + 80℃

Humidity :0% -95% RH

Single digit weight: 4kg

Control Way: Wireless RF remote Control

Control Distance:30m -100m

Bightness Grade: 7 grades by automatic adjustment

Warrranty:2 year

Life Span:100,000hours

Packing List


2. Four sets12'' LED gas sign with Iron cabinet

3.Power line

4.Date line

5.Two remoter


7.lignt sensor

Packing, wooden box or carton 

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