Outdoor LED Seven-segment

This Outdoor LED Seven-segment is the most popular led display screen among the people.
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This Outdoor LED Seven-segment is the most popular led display screen among the people. This product is available to meet the needs of those looking for high resolution LED displays with lightweight characteristics. It is especially designed for live events, entertainment, and trade show applications, as well as fixed installation in TV station, studios, church or casinos etc. Our Outdoor LED Seven-segment is mostly used in many big events and live concert program, wedding Events festivals, stage performances, pop star concerts, opening ceremonies, hotel events, car exhibitions, trade shows, brand promotions, product launch, wedding ceremonies, festival celebration activity , school activity program and many other places.


A. Quick & Easy Installation reduce installation time and expense

B. Mount onto existing signs or into new builds

C. Increase Store Traffic with Enhanced Visibility

D. Convenient Wireless Remote Communication allows Station employees no longer endure weather conditions to change prices

E. Auto-dimming by brightness sensor

F. Available in red, amber, green, blue and white super bright LEDs

G. Standard digit heights available from 8 to 24 inches tall; above are multi-stroke seven segment digits

H. Multiple formats available: 88:88, 8:888, 888:8, 8:889, 8.889/10 etc.

I. Wireless remote control features simple, single-button operation.

J. LEDs Long life span last over 100,000 hours.


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Install Instruction


Packing, wooden box or carton 

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