Indoor Taxi LED Message Sign

This Indoor Taxi LED Message Sign has the characteristics of strong liquidity, wide distribution, high effective information transmission rate and freedom from time and space restrictions.
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Product Details

Product Introduction

This Indoor Taxi LED Message Sign has the characteristics of strong liquidity, wide distribution, high effective information transmission rate and freedom from time and space restrictions. With standardized box, data interface, power supply design, complete product specifications and modular design capabilities, it can meet users' different software control requirements for information release, editing and display. Our Indoor Taxi LED Message Sign is durable, can fully adapt to all kinds of environments. It  has the advantages of high brightness lightning resistance seismic integrity and high cost performance.

Features and Advantages:

1. Support world languages, RTF format and text format; 100 pieces of independent information management can choose unicast and network broadcast; Multiple font display text size can be arbitrarily adjusted; Large memory, display 40,000 English letters, 20,000 east Asian characters.

2. More than 50 classic action modes with vivid display effect; Built-in more than 110 kinds of animated GIF ICONS (support customer custom add and remove built-in animation functions); Support mixed display of animated text/rainbow font; Support pictures (JPG, BMP, PNG), animation (GIF); Support multiple time and date formats; New and unique animation refresh special effects; Supports multiple water borders.

3. High-quality program editing software, with AUTO identification port (AUTO) function of the computer, the display screen is automatically and intelligently connected with the computer, which saves the tedious parameter setting of the display screen.

4. Support remote control program editing (computer keyboard remote control input version) and partition setting; Support digital key small remote control broadcast program (digital version remote control broadcast version), support manual or remote control switch machine.

5. Support dc12-36v (on-board)/ ac110-240v voltage.


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Product Name

new 2018 P5 full color led display scrolling message board


aluminum frame

Product Size


Screen size




Tube Chip Color

full color

Fixing Way

suction cups, hanging, table stand


bus, truck, taxi, vehicle, indoor showroom


power supply

Packed in anti-static bags, bubble bags, foam box and carton to ensure safety in transportation, or customized single box.

Shipping by airway, Freight, or depends on your requirement, the packing photos and the tracking number will be updated after delivery.

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