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We are specialized in designing and producing indoor and outdoor LED display for comprehensive application. We are always dedicating to produce high quality and reliable LED display and offer excellent after sales service to our customer.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Mobile led advertising display install on taxi, Advertisement gets sufficient show, bring very good advertisement benefit every day.  We special mobile led adverting display with double faces and 3-sides topper taxi LED display.

2.Features and Advantages:

1. Various brightness for certain condition 3000nits, 5000nits, 7000nits;

2. Strong metal fabrication;

3. Multiple anti-rusting;

4. Spraying processes;

5. High-temp baking procedure;

6. Easy maintenance;

7. Intelligent power on and off: to protect the frequent for vehicle stopped by suddenly; (optional )

8. Working temperature: -40°C~+70°C environment;

9. Cluster control manage ;

10. Lock place to play certain advertising (optional);

11. Customer design is acceptable.


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图片101(001) 图片102(001)


1. Car should be loaded the taxi sign weight;

2. Car need power enough to run LED taxi sign, if not, a extra power supply equipment is requested.

3. Power supply for taxi LED sign is DC12V ±15%, should be attention the anode & cathode (red line is anode, the black is cathode by default);

4. Front shell is PC material; sharp material should be far away;

5. Cleanser is allow to clean the front pc ;

6. Do not change the control circuit by a unprofessional person.

Light sensorHumidity and temperature
Mounting bracketGPS

P5 mobile LED taxi display SYSTEM BLOCK DIAGRAM





Packed in anti-static bags, bubble bags, foam box and carton to ensure safety in transportation, or customized single box.

Shipping by airway, Freight, or depends on your requirement, the packing photos and the tracking number will be updated after delivery.

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