Taxi LED Advertising Screen

Taxi LED Advertising Screen

Taxi Screen Advertising Display With Traffic And Location Can Automatically Display Information
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The taxi LED advertising screen Introduction:

Taxi led screen has emerged as outdoor advertising carrier, at present, advertising media market, television, newspapers, the traditional media and new online media ads, competition is intense.

The taxi LED advertising screen with its flexibility, immediacy, clear of the new media, liquidity, wide coverage, high cost performance, and many other novel features, quickly occupied a place in advertising. 


Features: protection grade IP65 material USES aluminum box body, iron frame, protection grade up to IP65, all-weather work, fully adapt to all kinds of weather environment, lightning protection, strong seismic performance. In terms of efficient and energy-saving heat dissipation technology, independent research and development is adopted.



High liquidity. Taxi mobility, not subject to regional restrictions, can shuttle to every corner of the city, its impact is deep, wide range, by the public, not limited by the time, lines, 

Portable advertising can be delivered to the masses at any time and anywhere, is incomparable to other advertising.

Any interesting, contact me freely. Certain discount is given on large QTY order.


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