Stage Led Display Screen

​P3.91mm HD Rental led video wall 500mx1000mm or 500mmx500mm for option
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Features of Stage Led Display Screen cabinet

(1) Light. Cabinet size of 500*1000mm and light weight of only 22.5 kg enable one-person installation easier and simpler, save installation time. But traditional HD stage led screen is over 45 Kg with the same size.

(2) Thin. Adopting the die-casting aluminum, it is high strength, high tenacity, high accuracy and not easy to distort. The thickness of our cabinet is 87mm, the traditonal cabinet is 160mm.

(3) Quick. Adopting quick locking mechanism on the Up, down, left and right connection. Tighten two cabinet up with pull and turn the two handles by 90 degrees. You can install one cabinet with high accuracy in 10 seconds. Cabinet splicing and wiring connection is fast and reliable. Not only beautiful appearance but also a real sense of the rapid disassembly.

(4) Easy. Adopting modular design, assembled cabinet can install and disassembly quickly and easily. It is easy to maintenance.

(5) Compatible. New structure design, can satisfy hoisting, overstow, indoor and outdoor used requirements. Cabinet simplification, and pixel pitch of indoor and outdoor led module P3.91 or P4.81 are available.


rental led video wall

Stage Led Display Screen cabinet view



Hanging beam


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advertising led screen factory

Our LED Screen has excellent heat dissipation design and performance. it is low noise and doesn't need external fan or air-condition. With the features of lighweight and low power consumption, it can reduce the labor cost of installation and operating costs.


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