Center-hung Cubic LED Screen

JCDads is a professional LED display manufacturer in China. Our factory is located in Shenzhen with area more than 5,000 sqm. We are specialized in designing and producing indoor and outdoor LED display for comprehensive application. We are always dedicating to produce high quality and reliable LED display and offer excellent after sales service to our customer.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Center-hung Cubic LED Screen is installed the stadium center, add more excitement to the game, can broadcast live of playing game for the audience in the distance, it’s the important role of show score for audience clearly;

We can supply led display, also can supply the basketball game score software; 

Features and Advantages:

1)Installed and operated on the LED display control computer only for small game;

2)Large-scale sport events, we also can supply network Edition score software, operation console,24 second shot clock, team fouls display, possession indicator and electronic horn product;

3)Basketball led scoreboard with high refresh, more 3840HZ

4)Matching LED video processor, power distribution cabinet, multimode optical fiber converter;

5)More safety: Signal double backup;


In the middle of the stadium center 




The Center-hung Cubic LED Screen you can choose rental led display to constitute. Rental led display cabinet has light weight, easy to install and service.

Cabinet detail:

图片283(001) 图片284(001) 图片285(001)


Outdoor LED rental display 


Packing way ( choose one from the following):

Within2~4 weeks after confirming payment.

Packed in anti-static bags, bubble bags, foam box and carton to ensure safety in transportation,  or customized single box.

Shipping by airway, Freight, or depends on your requirement, the packing photos and the tracking number will be updated after delivery.



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