Full Color LED Video Wall

Full Color LED Video Wall High Pixel Density Higher Picture Effect
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Full Color LED Video Wall

1. Outdoor full-color LED display, ultra-high pixel density, presenting a clearer picture effect;

2, high cost performance, to meet your pursuit of high definition picture at the same time also have a good price, greatly reduce your investment cost;

3. High efficiency and energy saving: using tuosheng full-color LED display products, ultra-bright LED driven by low power consumption, energy saving ≥ 20% or more, with temperature control, display control, light control technology, with PFC design circuit, the overall energy saving effect;

4, high protection level: unique box design, in line with IP protection standards, can meet the outdoor installation;

5. Standardized design: the box, module and other parts are standardized design, different products are compatible with each other, and standardization is realized to the greatest extent, which provides great convenience for production and later maintenance;

6. Large-scale production: implement large-scale production to improve the consistency and reliability of product performance while improving production efficiency;

7, cluster control: multi-screen centralized control, remote management, easy to achieve strategic planning, win thousands of miles away;

8. High stability and reliability: the selected raw materials, scientific design scheme and rigorous manufacturing process ensure the high stability and reliability of the products and bring long-term benefits to customers.

Full Color LED Video Wall aging time



Full color led display project



Product advantages:

★ low power consumption, long life, less stable performance maintenance

★ the appearance can be customized, flexible, with a strong visual impact, to leave a deep impression

★ simple installation, simple use, easy maintenance

★ quick and convenient assembly and disassembly system, save loading and unloading time


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