4K LED Wall

Product brief
The high resolution led video wall are designed for close viewing distance applications. Right now the available pixel pitch P1.2mm, P1.5mm,P1.9mm P2.5mm four different pixel pitch sharing one 16:9 ratio cabinet size.
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Product Details

Product feature

1, Display aspect ratio 16:9, resolution can be 720P, 1080P, 4K, 8K or above.

2, Low brightness high gray scale,the gray scale>16bit when brightness at 300nit.

3, Contrast ratio is 2000:1, 16.7M high color reproduction.

4, Redundancy design, back-up power and signal.

5, Die-casting Aluminum, light weight, high precision, good thermal function.

6, Adopting magnet and quick lock system, easy installation, removal and maintenance.

7, Available pixel pitch 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm.2.5mm

4K LED Wall Parameter



Installation Type

Front or back maintenance

Pixel pitch


LED type


Module size


Drive mode

1/27 scan

Drive method

Constant current drive


500 nits

Viewing Angle

Horizontal 140 deg; Vertical 140deg

Color temperature

3000k ~10000k


281.4 trillion

Contrast ratio


Refresh rate


Cabinet size


Cabinet resolution


Cabinet weight


Max power consumption


Average power consumption


Input power frequency


IP level


Mini Distance


Input Voltage

AC85-250 V

Blind spot rate


Input signal


Lifetime at 50% brightness

100,000 hours

Data interconection

SDI trasmission L<100m,single mode fiber L<20km

4K LED Wall Projects




Why use LED wall instead of LCD screens?

The reasons as followings:

Brightness – We've all seen what an LCD screen or CRT television looks like when the sun shines on it – you can't see the picture. LED screens use incredibly bright LEDs, designed specifically to be visible in bright sunlight. This is the key strength of LED screens; LCD screens simply are not usable in an outdoor environment and even indoors they don't have the same impact. The same goes for projectors – these are only effective in low light conditions; fine if it's a dark night, but not much good during the day!

Strength – LED wall are made up of individual panels which are put together seamlessly. Imagine if you were to do that with LCD screens? Besides having borders around each panel, they are very fragile and easily cracked if moved around a lot, and once this happens the LCD screen is useless. LED wall are far more robust and easy to service – should an LED be broken it is easily replaced – making them far more usable as well as cost effective.

Impact – If you want your message to stand out, then LED wall are the way to go, as they are bigger and brighter with much richer colours.

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