Curved Fine Pitch Iindoor LED Video Display

Small pitch HD LED technology adopts high tensity and small pitch SMD encapsulation LED as display panel. The technology supports seamless splice so as to form high resolution digital display system, and meets multiple demands in different fields, such as radio and television, command and control, video surveillance and conference featuring high resolution. The outstanding performance of the technology facilitate its leadership in future display for indoor.
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Product Details

4K led video wall features:

1, Easy Maintenance with Front-access Design

Module, power supply and receiving card can be accessed from the front, rapidly improving maintenance speed.

2,Quick Installation with Magnetic Module

Magnetic module design enables 5 times quicker installation than average screw module.

3,Wall-mounted LED Former Safeguard Small Pitch LED Display, Perfect Replacement LCD

Fixed installation on simple structure like LCD, perfectly replace LCD, save both time and labor. Perfect 16:9 format, four cabinets screen is exact 55”, same video source as LCD.

4, Dual backup to ensure securer operation

Dual backup for power supply, control card and convenient connector.Double signal power supply standby and two-circuit signal input, automatic detection of signal completeness. In case of failure in one power supply, another power supply automatically starts to ensure the normal operation of the display screen.

Indoor 4K LED Wall Parameter

P1.2 indoor led screen

P1.2 indoor led screen.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

HD Advertising LED Screen

LED Display Screen Structure

magnet led display


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