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Gold Wire Packaging Configuration Display Products Small Spacing LED Screen
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Product Details

1. High brightness, large Angle of view: the use of intertek high brightness SMD1515 + three in one led, brightness up to 1500cd / ㎡; Fully suitable for outdoor environment use, the three-in-one table stick screen lamp tube color consistent good, color reduction is particularly good and the perspective is large, give a person's visual perception far beyond the traditional outdoor direct plug full-color display screen.

2. Light weight: aluminum alloy box structure design is very light; And beautiful not easy to deformation and easy to assemble and flat. Suitable for rental companies, courts, background wall, public security system, traffic command system, mobile media use; Wall wall installation can reduce the pressure of the steel structure;

3. Improve user efficiency: the structure design of the rental box is a major feature of our company's structure design, in order to better improve user efficiency.

4. Long screen life: from the mask, box, the use of light tube,PCB and components on all aspects of the material, greatly improve the working life of the screen.

5. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: suitable for a variety of places, for users to choose more; The solution of the majority of rental companies to choose indoor and outdoor LED display screen a big problem; Also suitable for rental companies, courts, background wall, public security system, traffic command system, mobile media use.




Product definition

This series product is shaped light indoor hd LED display series of high-end products, small spacing selects high refresh with PFC function IC, SMD leds, wide high quality power supply, aluminum box key materials, such as a dynamic scanning way, the screen brightness can reach 800-2000 nits, has high density, high-definition, high gray scale, high efficiency (energy saving), high contrast, high quality, unique appearance, safe, stable and reliable, fast response and other advantages.


It is suitable for fixed installation of military and public security, energy, city management, public information release platform, transportation and transportation, radio and television, cinema, enterprise video conference system, medical/education and other fields.


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