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Hd LED Display With Small Spacing In Conference System Solution
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I. what are the advantages of led display in the conference room?

1) it can create a more comfortable and modern information conference environment.

2) information from various aspects can be Shared to make the meeting easier and smoother.

3) it can vividly present more colorful contents and ignite the enthusiasm of the meeting.

4) business application: presenting details, focusing eyes, rapid image processing, etc.

5) small space, flexible and convenient to use, simple and quick to maintain.


Ii. What are the advantages of hd small-spacing LED application in the conference room?

Hd led display system using large-screen weaving high density small spacing, small spacing table packaging as a display panel, through the integration of computer systems, many screen processing, processing a variety of applications such as signal switching technology, network technology and integrated functions, implementation of the whole system need to display the dynamic regulation of each case and in real time from computer, camera, DVD video and network signal in different signal source, such as screen display and analysis, more large area display in order to meet user requirements of various kinds of sharing information and comprehensive information.


1) unit modular design, the whole screen is truly "no stitching".

Especially when it is used to broadcast news features or hold video conferences, characters will not be split by slits. At the same time, when displaying WORD, EXCEL and PPT which are often played in the environment of the conference room, it will not be confused with the separation line of the form due to the misinterpretation and misjudgment of the content.

2) the whole screen is highly consistent and uniform with brightness, which can be corrected point by point.


Completely avoids the plate joining together, DLP projection, LCD/PDP splicing widespread use will come out after a specified period of dark corners, the dark side, "patch" wait for a phenomenon, especially for the meeting show often to play in the "visual" analysis of the content such as charts, graphs, small spacing hd LED display program has incomparable advantages.

3) the whole screen brightness support from 0~1200cd/㎡ intelligent adjustment, adapt to a variety of indoor display environment.

Because the LED is the principle of self-illumination, the interference and influence of ambient light are very small. According to the surrounding environment light and shade changes, the picture is more comfortable, details appear.

4) it supports the temperature wide range adjustment from 1000K to 10000K, and meets the requirements of different application fields. It is especially suitable for some meeting display applications with special requirements for color, such as studio and video conference applications



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