Indoor 4k Led Wall In Meeting Room

Product Features: 1: Superslim ------- Cabinet thickness only 65 mm realizing easy installation in very narrow ; 2: Easy installation ------- Fast rotated locks between cabinets connecting cabinets tightly only by hands without tools; 3: Silence ------ Aluminum alloy structure for cabinets with...
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Product Details

Product Features:

1: Superslim-------Cabinet thickness only 65mm realizing easy installation in very narrow ;

2: Easy installation-------Fast rotated locks between cabinets connecting cabinets tightly only by hands without tools;

3: Silence------ Aluminum alloy structure for cabinets with no need for fans, using silent power supply;

4: Removing ghost images------ Exquisite and clear picture quality with no ghost. Both upstream and downstream ghosts can be automatically canceled;

5: High refresh rate------Refresh rate above 2880Hz ensuring the image without water waves, frequent flicker lines and waggling;

6:High gray level in low brightness------ 14-16bit gray scale to bring excellent performance when brightness is reduced to 20%;

7: Energy Save------Energy conservation and environment protection, saving 15% of energy compared with traditional cabinets;

Indoor HD LED Video Wall Parameter

indoor 4k led video displays

4K Meeting Room LED Displays Projects

meeting room 4k led wall

Magnet Installation Structure

magnet installation led display

LED Display Screen Manufacturer View

led display factory

Our service:

Quality warranty: Two years quality warranty and lifetime technology support and maintenance from the second year. If you improperly operate or something wrong with our products, we are responsible for the maintaining and repairs instruction or guide free of charge.


Free training: You can send your engineers who have knowledge of electronics and information to our factory and we provide free technical training, which contains training operation and maintenance of the LED display at our factory. We also offer the instruction manual, software, test report, drawing steel structure and so on.


Installation: We offer you the engineer to install the LED display, you have to offer him the two-way air tickets and accommodation as well as visa. The engineer’s salary is $80/day;or we offer you the training on the LED display installation and repairing for free after you live in our company, or we can guide you to install the screen by remote control.



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