Indoor HD LED Display Large Screen

Indoor HD LED Display High Clear Large Screen Rich Color Consistency
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Product Details

Product description:

1. High pixel, fine and vivid picture quality, pure and thick color.

2, good flatness, uniform picture, pleasing to the eye.

3, high grayscale, high refresh, studio video effect realistic picture quality.

4. Safety structure, strong design is not easy to deform.

5. Large-angle imaging display technology can satisfy the requirement of viewing unbiased color from a wide range of angles.

6, can be front, back design maintenance, light and fast, easy to maintain.

7. Three-in-one table stickers: provide a wider perspective and adapt to a closer viewing distance.


Led displays can be seen everywhere in our daily life, especially in airports and stations, which are controlled by led display software to display the relevant train times, departure and arrival times. Led display control software can also display the weather, calendar, festival, wedding and other information, very practical.


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