Indoor HD Screens With Small Spacing

Indoor HD Screens With Small Spacing Are Used To Monitor Meetings
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Product Details

Product model :1.875

LED core parameters

1 red (test condition: 8mA, 2.0v) brightness 55mcd/ wavelength 620nm

2 green (test conditions: 5mA, 3.0v) brightness 200mcd/ wavelength 520nm

3 blue (test condition: 3mA, 3.0v) brightness 25mcd/ wavelength 470nm

Two-pixel point parameter: the best white balance effect the color ratio of the brightness of various colors is R: G: B/ 3:6:1

1 LED SMD1515

2 point spacing 1.875mm

Three pixels make up 1R1G1B

Three module technical parameters

1 module resolution (width × height) 128 pixels ×128 pixels

2 module size (width × height) 240mm×240mm

3. No mask size

Technical parameters of four boxes

1 box resolution (width × height) 256 pixels ×256 pixels

2 module distribution (width × height) 2×2

Flatness between modules ≤0.1mm

The size of the box (width × height) is 480mm×480mm

5. Box weight: 7Kg/ box; 30.3 Kg/m squared

Installation method: backframe installation/hoisting/inner arc installation

Five screen technical parameters

1 point density 284444 / m

Brightness (white field color temperature 6500K) 200cd~600cd/ m adjustable

3. Horizontal/vertical Angle 130°/130°

4 flatness ≥98%

5. Chroma uniformity ±0.003 Cx, within Cy

6 maximum contrast 4000:1

7 protection grade IP35

System control parameters

1 signal color processing digit red, green and blue ≥16bit each

2 drive mode dynamic 1/32 scan

3 change frame frequency 60 frames/second high brush support 3D: 120 frames/second

4 refresh rate ≥3840Hz

5. The body color temperature of the screen is adjustable from 2000K to 9500K

Manual/automatic/programmed brightness adjustment

7 pixel correction with point - by - point brightness and chroma correction

8 control mode synchronous control

9. Control the distance over five kinds of double-stranded cable, over 100 meters using optical fiber transmission

Software interface Windows system

11 signal input HDMI, DV

Seven screen operation parameters

1. Operating voltage AC: 110V~240V, 50~60Hz

2 peak power ≤800W/ m

3. Average power: 100W/ m ~ 300W/ m

4. Continuous working time ≥7×24hrs, continuous and uninterrupted display is supported

Average trouble-free working time ≥10000 hours

6 LED life of 100,000 hours

7 discrete out-of-control point ≤0.0001, 0 at the factory

8 consecutive out-of-control points 0

9. Blind spot rate ≤0.0001, 0 when leaving the factory

10 screen temperature rise (using running state) ≤5 degrees

Operating environment temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃

Operating environment humidity 10% ~ 90% RH, no condensation





LED display is divided into graphic display and video display, which are composed of LED matrix block. The graphic display screen can display Chinese characters, English text and graphics synchronously with the computer. The video display screen is controlled by a microcomputer, with pictures and pictures and images in high quality. It can broadcast all kinds of information in a real-time, synchronous and clear way. It can also display 2d and 3d animation, video, TV, VCD programs and live scene. LED display screen displays bright colors, strong three-dimensional sense, static as oil painting, moving as film, widely used in stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, Banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and other public places.


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