School LED Display

School Auditorium LED Display Indoor Full Color P2 LED Display
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School LED display function

(1) display the names of the teams in the game, the instant scores, the countdown, etc.;

(2) show the progress of the game, as above, the second half or the period, etc.;

(3) show the number of fouls committed by each participating team and the total number of fouls committed by the team;

(4) display the request for replacement or pause, etc.

Led display module aging time


Factory led display aging time


Led display project



School led display play the role of public service advertising. The following contents can be played through the display screen:

(1) school rules and "norms of civilized teachers and students' words and deeds";

(2) school introduction, school motto, school slogan and school purpose;

(3) relaying important news of the government (such as CCTV's news broadcast);

(4) weather forecast;

(5) government propaganda slogans, etc.

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