Small Spacing LED Display

LED displays have been developing at a high speed
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In recent years, LED displays have been developing at a high speed with the advantages of high brightness, strong visual impact, wide viewing Angle and excellent color restoration ability. 

In particular, with the support of interactive technology, they have been able to make sweeping gains. At the same time, with the successful laying of digital network on a large scale, continuous breakthroughs in LED display technology, as well as the addition of new ways and technologies such as live broadcasting, multi-screen joint broadcasting, screen packaging and interaction, LED display screen has witnessed a rapid growth.




At the same time, due to its unique advantages, small spacing LED display products have gradually replaced DLP, LCD, projection and other display media, has begun to promote in exhibition display, business conference, indoor advertising signage, security monitoring and other fields, large screen enterprises compete to launch new products with small spacing. With the explosive growth of the small spacing LED display market and the penetration of LED display into digital media, landscape lighting, smart city, sports industry and other industries, the output value of LED display will continue to grow rapidly in the future.

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