P10 SMD LED Display

High Refresh Rate High Brightness Energy Saving Outdoor SMD LED Display, Advertising Led Billobard By the Road
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Product Details

Product Introduction

The Outdoor SMD series LED display deliver better viewing experiences for audience with its wider viewing angle,which is 160 degree for horizontal and 120 degree for vertical, better than the DIP type, and the customer can experience new visual standard of outdoor SMD series. Key advances in UV protection. Watherproof, wide view angle, energy saving, eliminating maintenance and reducing costs; These features set outdoor SMD series ahead of the competition in the market,  to be specially applied for outdoor situations which are demanding for higher resolution and wider viewing angle.

Outdoor waterproof cabinet as below

Led module aging time


P10 SMD LED Display Project




1. How to deal with it if the product is damaged during transportation?

A: We suggest you should buy insurance for your order. If there is something bad happened during transportation, the insurance company will cover your loss according to the insurance contract. Click here to see more.

2. How to track the goods?

A: After shipping, we will give you a cargo tracking number.


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