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The Era Of LED "Ultra High Definition" Displays Is Here
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High definition introduction:

People's life has been inseparable from electronic screen, and constantly require higher resolution, higher contrast, more gorgeous screen picture, in order to close to the real visual experience. Screen technology upgrades every six to eight years, and is now in the era of "ultra hd" vision.

MiniLED is narrowly defined as a related screen product based on <100umLED chip, which has the advantages of good color rendering effect, high contrast, high display pixel support and long life, etc. It is an optimal technical path in the "ultra hd" market. At present, the technical reserve of chips, packaging, screens and other supporting technologies in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain has been basically completed, which is only waiting for mass production and application promotion.

See following aging photo at factory



Arc shape project



Meeting room case



According to relevant research institutions, the market size of MicroLED is expected to reach 100 million yuan in 2021, and wearable devices such as smart watches are its main application direction. It is expected that from 2021 to 2024, the market size of MicroLED is expected to maintain a growth rate of about 75%, reaching 5 billion yuan in 2024. According to the estimation of the market demand of Mini/MicroLED, it is estimated that the LED bead market will be driven by about 20-28.5 billion yuan, and the LED chip market demand will be driven by about 12-17 billion yuan. It's a huge market, if any interesting, feel free contact: info@jcdads.com. 

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