HD Fixed Led Screen

High-precision Full-color LED Display Have Higher Advertisement Efficiency
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HD Fixed led screen introduction

P2 indoor full-color LED display

Point spacing: 2mm

Pixel density: 250,000 dots /㎡

Brightness: 1500cd/㎡

Box size: width 512x height 512mm

Box resolution: 256 points *256 points

IP level: IP54

Power consumption: 300w/㎡

1, indoor high-definition display technology and successfully realize the industrialization, break through the conventional leds at close range (such as 2 meters or less) to watch the display of the bottleneck, with intense visual wallop is superior to the DLP and projection, and leading cost advantages, has been embraced by many enterprises and government, micro small spacing wind will come, will increase the visual expression of interior space to a whole new level. At present, tuosheng is also in the development of P0.8 / P1.2 / P1.5 more high-density products, please look forward to!


2, high-precision full-color LED display technology, will be all kinds of meeting rooms, auditorium, cinema, banquet hall, government and enterprise lobby, high-end office, customized high-precision video wall, image wall. Let the user in their own core propaganda position to customers and employees to create an unattended new communication platform, with the latest technological means to let the audience in the intention or not, can not be refused to obtain more higher and deeper communication value.



3, wonderful presentation, realistic picture

Low light and high ash: 16bit low light and high ash, under the condition of 200nits still maintain high grayscale lossless technology, the picture details are clearly visible;

High refresh rate: 3800HZ, no flicker on the screen;

Wide color gamut: support 2500k to 9500k color temperature wide range adjustment, rich color;

Point by point correction: ensure the color height consistency and uniformity of the whole screen;

4. Rich multimedia interface

Support AV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, SDI and other mainstream multimedia interface;

Receive network streaming media playback.


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