Advertising LED Display Board

Features : 1. High definition ,perfect for small size LED screen and short viewing distance . It can show texts very clear as well as pictures and video . 2. SMD 3 in 1 pixel , black LED , wide viewing angle and better contrast for vivid image ; 3. Standard steel close cabinet , strong , firm...
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1, Suitable for short viewing distance, not only show text, but also show vivid photos and videos.

2, Indoor SMD 3 in 1, use black led increase its contrast ratio, with better vivid images.

3. All cables wired inside, no cable is outside. outlook very tidy , and whole led screen application is safe. Naked installing is ok ; 
4. Smooth and vivid image . The display is of 16-bit colors, with 65,536 gray scale to play natural and vivid image. 
5. Many mature controlling solutions are optional . DVI, VGA , HDMI , SDI , BNC , TV , DVD , PC , video player 

Nowadays, the led screen is more and more popular as its can catch people's eyes easily compared to other advertising way. It with more vivid image, more convenient control way. For the indoor fixed installation led display, we have P2.5, P3, P4 and P5 for options. Meanwhile, we also provide 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm fine pixel pitch led wall.

Advertising LED Display Board

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