Indoor HD Wall Bracket P3 LED Video Display

1, The structure of combined driver board ensure the high reliability.
2, With larger view angle,soft image,high definition which is suitable for indoor application.
3, With the features of low consumption, high reliability, good consistency.
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Product Details


1, High contrast rate up to 9000:1 by using black LED.

2. High refresh rate with NOVA control system, no scanning line when photographed.

3. The new structure design enables diversified installation to meet the hanging-up and stacking requirements.

4. Due to the light weight and low power consumption, it can reduces the labor cost, operating cost and transportation cost.

5. User-friendly design with fast locks, more convenient & fast to install and dismantle.

6. 14 bit color, 16384 gray scale, showing very clear and vivid video and images.

7. Good thermal design, excellent heat dissipation even no fan installation.

8. It is low noise, can be installed in office and meeting room.


Widely applied to traffic information distribution of station, square and airport, conference,

shopping mall, brand presentation,TV station, stage show, concert and so on.

Indoor LED Video Wall Parameter

Pixel pitch

3mm, 4mm, 5mm


Indoor SMD

Controlling mode

Synchronized with the controlling PC through optical fiber cable.


Optical fiber cable(default), 3G,4G



Viewing angle

120°/120° (H/V)

Color shade

At least 256 shades each color

Video refresh rate


Video frame rate


Dimming control

256-levels auto and software dimming capabilities

File management software

Text Overlay, Sequencing, Scheduling, Preview and Remote control.

Cabinet material

Powder Coated Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Customized

Continous working time


Average led lifetime

100,000 Hours

Control software

Size, Position, Brightness Control

Working tempeature

-20°C to +50°C

Working humidity

15%-95% RH

Power input

AC 110 or 220 V ±10%, 50 ~ 60 Hz

Optional connectivity



2-year factory parts warranty

Indoor HD Wall Bracket P3 LED Video Display Aging Time


Indoor LED Module Bracket Design


Indoor LED Display Screen Structure



Indoor HD Wall Bracket P3 LED Video Display Project


After-sales service: 

1.Two years free repair service of screens. 

2.Free omnidirectional technical guidance and training 

3.Fast solution to the problems raised by customers. 

4.Perfect after-sales service by specially assigned people. 

5.Customers oriented and constant improvements in service.

FAQ-Do I have to wait until it is totally dark outside to use JCDads’s Screens?

No, that is the beauty of our Outdoor LED technology. Our screens can be seen in full daylight.

FAQ-Do you have a set price?

No, each job is customized for the specific needs of our clients.


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