Indoor Led Display Big Video Screen P5

High contrast, high gray scale, high refresh rate indoor led video wall
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Product Details

Product Feature:

1.High contrast 

LED professional lamp bead USES high quality 2121 black lamp, raise luminescence brightness, reduce screen black time brightness at the same time.

Unique black mask processing technology, the screen contrast is greatly improved.

2.High gray level

The display of the screen is almost perfect with low brightness, and the appearance of the screen is higher than the traditional display.

That can show more image details, no information loss.

3.High refresh rate

The screen intake five black screen picture stability without ripples, dealing with the dynamic display screen, the image edge is clear, the screen has good dynamic performance, the image information accurately real reduction, make the video screen clear fluid, bring good visual enjoyment.

4.Wall installation to streamline space

Pasted wall, Mosaic, landing multiple installation methods, simple and beautiful, the maintenance of post-maintenance is more simple and convenient.


Indoor LED Panel Parameter:

indoor led display screen

Full color indoor led video wall cases

indoor full color led panel

Professional led video display workshop

digital led display

About us: As a professional LED display manufacturer, JCDads is engaged in the design, production, wholesale and retail distribution of products for the led display market, including command and control centers; media, advertising and retail displays; sports and architectural presentations; and event and conferencing venues around the throughout the world. 

We care about the quality, and we have a full and strict quality control procedure. All the incoming materials including electronics, mechanical, power supplies and cables must be inspected and tested. For the finished screens, we need at least 72 hours aging test before delivery. We care about the details such as the internal cable routing, packing etc and we are doing the efforts to make the products perfect.

We have a great and experienced team, with 15 years industry experiences of our technical engineer, more than 8 years for our technicians and sales. JCDads products are highly recognized throughout the fifty countries with high-quality products, timely sales and after sales- services


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