Indoor HD LED Wall

1. no size limit, you could decide how many cabinets to assemble freely 2. support front service, you could remove any whole cabinet freely by tool to do maintenance which will not affect other cabinets 3. super slim, 70mm thickless 4. super light, 4.5kg/cabinet 5. no need to build maintenance...
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Indoor HD LED Wall

Traffic, station, wharf, airport passenger guidance display system, urban road information and traffic lights, highway variable financial information systems: bank interest rates screen, exchange rate screen, stocks display system trading securities market: the talent exchange center, real estate trading center, department stores, vehicles, food market communications, such as: medical post and telecommunications business hall, telecommunications, mobile business hall: government agencies, hospitals, health care, blood stations outpatient service hall public security bureau traffic police, court, procuratorate hall hall hall: the irs tax expends the hall hall, industrial and commercial bureau, tax bureau, the government administrative service hall power: Electricity bureau business hall, dispatch center information display board sports: stadium, gymnasium, arena, leisure playground square public display terminal, military command center, school canteen information display, garden community property management, landmark buildings, municipal square enterprise publicity




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Indoor HD LED Wall refers to indoor LED display with LED point spacing less than P2.5, mainly including LED display products such as P2.5, P2.0, P1.875 and P1.5. With the improvement of LED display manufacturing technology. Small spacing COB display screen is a new type of small spacing led display  It has the characteristics of high refresh, high grey scale, high brightness utilization, no residual shadow, low power consumption and low EMI. Indoor application is not reflective.


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