P4 LED Screen

P4 LED Screen is ideal video screen applicated in TV studio, command centre, security monitor, conference, etc ,based on its high definition,seamless stitching, remarkable high performance, brilliant color and breathtaking gray scale.
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Product Details

Quick Detail:

1. Front or Rear Access Service

2. Perfect quality and stability, 24/7 running

3. Long lifespan up to 100,000 hours

4. 2 years warranty

5. ≤1mm surface level up, smooth video

6. Support any format of video, RF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, COMPOSITION


1. Easy to maintain, High resolution, Good contract, Widely used as the information billboard in Airport,

Railway station, indoor advertising and big shopping mall, ect.

2. The brightness of P4 LED Screen is adjustable so as to ensure different environment.

3. Indoor SMD LED signs include PH3mm, PH4mm, PH5mm, PH6mm, PH7.62mm and PH10mm . P4mm and P6mm are most popular pixel pitch.

4. We make best design with high cost- efficiency according to the actual needs of our customers and we

can offer OEM service as well.


Commercial advertising, mobile media, night club, entertainment events, business establishments, such as

banks, stock exchange centers, bus station, schools, telecommunications, customs, stadiums, studio,

shopping malls, railways, airports, harbors, etc;

Indoor led board Parameter

indoor led video displays

Structure design


After installation


P4 LED Screen projects

 Methods for Quality Assurance

a. Aging

1. 100% fully test

2. Condition: 72 hours with 256 grey level

b. Vibration Testing

Condition: 3-5 mins up and down in 5mm range


Flight case and Fumigation-Free wooden casae


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