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High quality LED chip, strong anti-static, low brightness attenuation, high wavelength stability; Advanced packaging equipment to ensure quality and life; The room's full-color LED display is composed of RGB three-color LED lights, which can display 36bit color, and can display all kinds of information in real time and synchronously, such as 2d or 3d animation, video, TV and live video information. Application scope: this kind of LED display has vivid color and strong adaptability, which is suitable for advertising media, sports venues, live broadcast of games, entertainment venues, stage applications and various public facilities.

P3 indoor full color LED display is indoor full color LED display series products contains the highest resolution, the product USES the SMD table process, pixel is 111111 per SQM, can play hd video files, belong to product of high-end LED display series, can be applied to various occasions for distributing video ads, high-definition video films, TV, etc.

Advanced and reasonable system design, stable display effect, easy installation and maintenance. All-weather work: vivid color, high refresh frequency, anti-static, dustproof, good heat dissipation effect, high cost performance. Scope of application: shopping malls, enterprises, schools, stage, Banks, securities, public security, transportation, industry and commerce, electricity, customs, hospitals, parks, airports, stations, sports venues and other fields.



It is suitable for the display of some commodities in the shopping mall, and the advertisement short videos, micro films, etc., attract customers and make people have a deep impression on the commodities unintentionally. Conference room, multimedia function room, can be used for the conference room to show slides and other show documents. Stage curtain wall, suitable for all kinds of performance stage background display curtain wall, such as celebration, party, wedding, program celebration, company annual meeting and other activities.


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