Dustproof Outdoor LED Advertising Screens

Product Features SMD led encapsulation confirm wide view angle. Good waterproof IP65, long life span>100000 Hours. High pixel density, Long view distance, High definition, Good uniformity. Cables connected with aviation plugs, easy and quick to connect between cabinets. Low power consumption,...
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Product Details

Dustproof Outdoor LED Advertising Screens Features
SMD led encapsulation confirm wide view angle.
Good waterproof IP65, long life span>100000 Hours.
High pixel density, Long view distance, High definition, Good uniformity.
Cables connected with aviation plugs, easy and quick to connect between cabinets.
Low power consumption, low noise created, low transportation costs.

Dustproof Outdoor LED Advertising Screens can be fixed installation or for rental to meet the request of live broadcast, live meeting, banquet, party, etc,to display the content what you want, connect with PC computer or network, also can remote control with asynchronous system.

Outdoor SMD LED Display Parameter

outdoor smd led video displays

Outdoor advertising led board aging time

led display board aging time

Outdoor Advertising led board cases

outdoor fixed led display

Installation way

Fixed installation led display

Pre-sales support

Technical advice to our customers before buying our products.

Suitable products within budget with most economy benefit.

Design the framework structure to install our led products with technical drawing.

Software customization for our customer's specific usage.
After- sales service

More than just two years warranty service! We provide free maintenance services including remote configuration, technical consultation, and trouble shooting for our customer.

A life time followup service for all the equipment supply by our company. These include continuously improve of system functions and upgrade of system software.

Train to our customer who includes operating and maintenance of dustproof outdoor LED advertising screens.


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