Outdoor LED Display Board

Protection rate IP65, installation without frame. Module Style Design, fast installation and easy maintenance with low cost.
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Ideal for outdoor advertisement media, government& enterprise project, culture & tourism, sports, propaganda image, commercial real estate.

Outdoor LED Display Board Features

1)Wide viewing angle: The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are so wide that it is suitable for the environment of wide Horizontal

2) High contrast ,High refresh rate and High brightness that the content on the display remains clearly visible under direct sunlight without any delay, smear phenomenon.

3)The brightness can be adjustable to meet the need of changing requirement of customer in environment

4) Energy saving and environment protection, antistatic, dust-proof, good heat dissipation, cost-effective .

5) High reliability: using distributed scanning technology and module design technology that make higher reliability and stability.

6) Favorable effect: using dot to dot calibration technology makes the image clearer and the layering stronger

7) Steady and reliable system, with strong anti-interference ability and long service life that can continually work for over 24 hours,and it’s easy to operate the system.

8) Convenient installation and maintenance of display modules

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outdoor led display board

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1.How could I buy the products I need if there is no price in the website?
You can send your inquiry to us about the products you need,our sales will reply you within 24 hours to help you make the order.

2.Could I get some samples?
Of course you can. We welcome sample order to test and check quanlity.

3.How long will it take to deliver goods?
 The package will be shipped out in 20 working days after we get your payment(40% of the total payment).

4.How about the quality of your products?
100% brand new.Make sure no dead lamp when leaving the factory.We also offer 2 years warranty,and engineer can go abroad if necessary.

5.What about your after-sale service?
We have a professional team which is in charge of after-sales service, also a service hot-line dealing with your complains and feedback.We also offer 24-hour online service to help you solving problems.


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