Outdoor Advertising Led Display In Square

Various installing: the screens are perfect for plaza, shopping mall, stadiums, billboards, casinos and a host of outdoor all kinds of applications.
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What are the advantages of Outdoor Advertising Led Display In Square:

1. Long service life: the service life of the led is more than 100,000 hours

2. Fast response speed: this is a common feature of semiconductor devices

3. Visible distance: the single point diameter of LED is up to 52mm, and the visible distance is over 500 meters

4, specifications variety: maipu luster LED display has indoor, outdoor, monochrome, two-color, full color

5. High degree of digitization: it is fully digitized and can realize high resolution graphics

6, high brightness: can be used for outdoor, such as traffic lights, anti-fog lights. And brightness can be based on sunny and cloudy days or morning, afternoon different brightness requirements automatically flexible adjustment.

7, large visual Angle: indoor display screen up to 160 degrees, outdoor up to 120 degrees

8. Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

9. Excellent effect: dynamic scanning technology is adopted to make the picture stable without any clutter, and the image effect is delicate and clear: animation effect is vivid and diverse;

Led Display Board Aging Time

outdoor led display aging time at factory

Outdoor LED Module and Cabinet View

LED Module and Cabinet

Outdoor LED Billboards Project

Outdoor led billboards project

Most of the outdoor led display media construction locations are located in the landmark buildings, central business circle, main roads and other functional places with dense human flow in the core cities. With the urbanization process and the popularization of family cars, these places have become indispensable and important places for the mainstream population to engage in business leisure, catering, shopping, work and go out. Due to its scarcity and core characteristics, these places have also become media forms with marketing value and quality.

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