Outdoor Waterproof Advertising Big LED Screen

Stable performance,wide applicability, high brightness, superb performance/price ratio. 1.High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures the spectators far from the screen can still enjoy what is shown. 2.Superb performance/price ratio offers you both top notch quality and reasonable price, maximizing the value of your investment.
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With digital technology, information technology, Internet, mobile Internet and social media rapid development, rising trend of media fragmentation and audience contact media time is being further divided, to draw attention to the target audience of the media in effective time will become the most development potential of the media, outdoor waterproof advertising big LED screen manufacturer to analysis the value of outdoor led display media:

Function and Advantages

· Uniform color and high contrast ratio,bringing up fresh and natural image
· Low power consumption and fine heat release
· Super wide viewing angle increasing its value by covering more audience
· No deformation under sunlight by the use of anti-UV modules
· Long service time and low attenuation by applying duel channels for heat dissipation
· High protection grade of IP65 achieved by applying duel channels for heat dissipation
· High protection grade of IP65 achieved by patented mask design with waterproot and dustproof fucntion
· Safe and reliable operation ensured by stable signal nad power supply

Outdoor Waterproof Advertising Big LED Screen Parameter

P20 led screen

LED Display Board Aging Time

led display board aging time

Outdoor Advertising LED Billboard Projects

Outdoor led billboards project

LED Display Manufacturer

led screen supplier

 After-sales service:

1) Service principles: response in time, solve problems as soon as possible and ensure the use.

2) Service period: In the Maintenance period of the LED screen body, free of all maintenance charges; After Maintenance period, only charge the material costs fees free of manual work fees. 

3) Service scope: If the users find any problem that cannot be solved, please contact with our company, we can response in 2 hours.    In order to shorten the maintenance time, Our Company will deploy some spare parts such as power and chips etc.

4) Under normal use and storage, Our Company will be responsible for the equipment.

Outdoor Waterproof Advertising Big LED Screen with its hd digital development trend, as a new media can not be ignored a force. It is not only an extension of traditional outdoor media and TV media, but also combines with weibo, LBS positioning and other social media and mobile terminals to build a three-dimensional space for interaction and communication with consumers. At the same time, it gives more possibilities for creativity and shapes its own core media value. Any need, dont hesitate to contact us:  info@jcdads.com/ whatsapp: +86 18126201716

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