Outdoor Waterproof Highlight Full-color LED Display

P10mm outdoor SMD led display is the perfect substitution of the P10mm outdoor DIP led display, which had been the absolutely mainstream spec of all outdoor led displays. It is taking over the place because of its bigger viewing angle, perfect color performance, high brightness and good...
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Outdoor Waterproof Highlight Full-color LED Display with its hd digital development trend, as a new media can not be ignored a force. It is not only an extension of traditional outdoor media and TV media, but also combines with weibo, LBS positioning and other social media and mobile terminals to build a three-dimensional space for interaction and communication with consumers. At the same time, it gives more possibilities for creativity and shapes its own core media value.






Advertising indoor led display aging time

advertising led screen factory

Led display factory

advertising led screen factory

Professional Outdoor Waterproof Highlight Full-color LED Display can not only bring mandatory and shocking visual effect to the audience. Its widespread use gives businesses the opportunity to select the address they want to put in based on the audience. Together with the advantages of outdoor LED displays, they are also more flexible than traditional advertising methods and can be used to pick and choose the time and point of advertising.

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