SMD LED Display

1, Better mixture effect for the RGB lighting. 
2, High brightness guarantee outdoor usage. 
3, Wider viewing angle to expand the targeted audience group.
4, Low power consumption and low heat.
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Product Details

LED Display Application

Commercial advertising, hotel, night club, entertainment events, business establishments, banks, stock exchange, centers, bus station, school, telecommunications, customs, studio, shopping mall, stores, highway, airports etc.

Outdoor P8 SMD LED Module Aging time


Outdoor Permanent Installation Cabinet


Module technical parameters

Pixel pitch:      8mm

Panel size:      L256mmXH128mm

Physical density:     111111dots/M2

LED type:    SMD3535

Driving method:     1/4 Constant current

Module resolution:     32x16=512dots

Working voltage:     5V

Module consumption:    20W

Viewing angle:     H120 V120

Brightness:     ≥5500-6000cd/m2

Colour temperature:    6500K-9500K

Gray scale/color:     ≥16.7M color

Every square metre module:      32pcs

Module weight:     0.2kg

Display technical parameters

Option distance:    8-150M

Maximum power:    640 W/ M2

Average power:     320 W/ M2

Frame Frequency:     ≥60 HZ/S

Refresh frequency:    ≥960 HZ/S

Working environment temperature:    -20~500C

Working environment humidity:    10%~90% RH

Working life:   ≥100,000 HOURS

Display working voltage:      AC46~54HZ,220V±15%/110V±15%

Aluminum box weight:     46 KG/ M2

IP rating:     The back IP54,The front IP65

Steel box size:    L1024mm x H1024mm

Control way:    Standard:Wired   Optional:3G/4G/WIFI



FAQ-Part 3

What can LEDs be used for?

LED video billboard can be used for practically anything. Any image or video can be shown on them. Our engineers here at Street Communication can manipulate LED screens into a wide range of shapes and sizes, creating endless possibilities. Furthermore, LEDs work well both indoors and outdoors as they are exceptionally durable.


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