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Protect Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Traffic Information Screen From Lightning Strikes
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A lot of people know LED advertising screen, a lot of people are also concerned about the use of LED advertising screen. Many companies will make LED screens for ads. Then in the construction of LED advertising screen, the steel structure outside our LED advertising screen needs lightning protection measures, so how to carry out protection analysis in this process?

How to protect the steel structure of LED advertising screen from lightning strikes? So, we did a detailed analysis.

(1) for direct lightning protection, lightning rods are installed on the support structure of the LED advertising screen. Indoor LED displays and LED advertising screens in nearby high-rise buildings do not consider the setting of lightning rods.

(2) to counter the steel structure, connect the steel structure to the shell of the LED advertising screen, generate the same potential and ground. The ground resistance should normally be less than 10 ohms. If the resistance does not meet the requirements, another manual grounding network needs to be created. In addition, lightning protection devices must be properly grounded.

(3) for lightning current caused by power lines, a single phase or three phase power supply lightning protection device is added on the power lines. The cross-sectional area of the phase line shall not be less than 10 square millimeters, and the cross-sectional area connecting the ground line shall not be less than 16 square millimeters.

(4) for the lightning current generated on the signal line, a signal lightning protection device is added on the signal line. The signal array depends on the signal interface of the system. For network cables, install network signal lamp protector, for serial interface, install db9 interface lamp protector, etc.

Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

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