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Outdoor LED Full Color Display Creates High Quality Advanced Media Environment And Advertising Environment
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Outdoor LED Full Color Display Creates High Quality Advanced Media Environment And Advertising Environment

1. Geographical location with good outdoor environment and LED outdoor advertising LED full-color display

The outdoor LED full-color display mainly covers the city's main business center and transportation hub, commercial street, station, dock, airport, both sides of the expressway, as well as most of the leisure consumption plaza, such as horizontal expressway or city street. The better the geographical location, the densier the population, the higher the vehicle deceleration zone, the higher the mobility of personnel, and the bigger and clearer the picture can bring greater visual impact, which is a major advantage. This unique form of media is easier to highlight in advertisements in order to achieve the purpose of brand image and relevant information dissemination, and to effectively communicate information with potential customers.


2. LED full-color display reduces interference and enables users to take the initiative

The so-called advertising interference refers to the proportion of the advertising layout or paragraph length to the content of the media itself. With a large number of advertisements in a certain period of time to focus on the "bombing" of consumers, the intensity of advertising messages and the formation of mutual interference and offset phenomenon. Main business center and transportation hub, more leisure consumers in the square installation of large electronic display is the only, not play to see media selectively, waiting for or after, can use the original boring time actively watch ads on large-scale LED full-color displays elegant, entertainment, and some useful information. Rotating for a day, allowing the viewer to see the same AD in the same place at the same time, is easy to evoke strong memories in the audience. Compared with last year, the ordinary outdoor advertising, large electronic display performance will certainly have a deeper brand impact on the audience.


3. Excellent cost performance of outdoor LED full-color display

According to the innovative media research conducted by market research institutions, the recall rate of advertisements on large electronic display screens was the highest among different media such as large electronic display screens, LCD TVS in buildings, TV stations, newspapers, buses, taxis, bus stops, waiting rooms and subways. Outdoor LED full-color display can provide certain viewing experience for the target customers, but it can still create high-quality advanced media environment and advertising environment with brand charm for high-end elegant fashion products. Advertisements on advanced technology and high-end LED display are easier to attract the target audience to watch actively.

In recent years, China's outdoor advertising industry has shown a trend of rapid growth, with an annual growth rate of double digits. It also occupies a large proportion in the whole advertising, showing a trend of rapid growth. Among them, the total annual growth rate of outdoor led display media advertising broadcast is more than 30%. We believe that LED full-color display is in the stage of rapid growth and development, in the near future, it will be applied in more fields, and will provide consumers with better, more convenient,



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