Outdoor LED Signage Display

Outdoor LED Signage Display Better Cooling Led Advertising Screens Full Color SMD 3 In 1 Technology
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Product Details

Outdoor LED Signage Display Details:

Special design of the IC and PCB hidden aluminum modular, heat conduct and waterproof aluminum

shell back terminal of module with water-proof cover, plus unique SMD low pin lead waterproof sealant

achieve sealant of all faces of SMD LED module. So the module with tight waterproof.


Really outdoor SMD LED display, 20 years R&D, over 30 patents, high waterproof level, super high brightness, high contrast ratio, high grey scale, high refresh ra te, super vivid color, super wide view angle, super soft display, super even surface.

Led module photo

led module (2)

led module (1)

Led display cabinet inside view

led display



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