P10 Large Outdoor Led Display Screens

P10 Large Outdoor Led Display Screens High Refresh Rate IP68 On Building Advertising Led Screen
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Outdoor P10 advertising led screen is one of the most popular item used in the market.It is suitable in every different enviroments,dustproof,waterpoof,and with corrosion protection.It is no problem use in high temperature or even in high humidity condition,it with stable quality as its technology is mature enough.It also with high brightness to fit the place with strong sunshine,it can easy to reach 7000cd/m2. See below features


Our led display advantages

1, Extremely low dead led lamp

2, High brightness, 7000cd/m2

3, Own patent SMD with excellent heat dissipation design

4, High protection grade, front IP68,back IP65 and fireproof B1

5, Save almost 2 times electric charge than traditional led screen

p10 aluminum led module

led module (2)

led module (1)

Led display aging time

led display aging time

Led screen installation site viewing 




At present, for many LED display companies, in the face of continuously upgrading consumer demand, changing economic and business environments, and elusive future trends, the importance of new business opportunities and new outlets is self-evident, especially with the As the more competitive situation opens in 2020, it is especially important to seize the opportunity that has passed away. 

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