narrow pixel pitch led wall

Small Spacing HD LED Display Brings New Visual Experience
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Product Details

LED display: P1.667 P1.923 P3.91 P4.81 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P8 P10 P12.5 P15.625 P16 P20 full color display

Application place: conference room, shopping mall, hotel, bar, studio, theatre, bank, securities, school, transportation, all indoor places

Product features:

Energy saving: do not need to rely on external heat dissipation, reduce energy consumption

High contrast: the contrast is up to 5000:1

Super stable: double backup of power and signal, escort for uninterrupted use

Seamless splicing: no obvious joints between modules and boxes

High refresh rate: the refresh frequency can reach more than 3200HZ

Easy maintenance: can be in front of the module for disassembly and maintenance, maintenance speed than the traditional product to improve more than several times, greatly shorten the maintenance time?

Product advantages:

Small spacing, pixel density, high resolution, ultra high definition

Ultra-thin cast aluminum box design, high precision, convenient installation and maintenance

Overall black light, high contrast, good consistency

Color is true and natural, no patchwork, no color difference

Can be arbitrary area display, wide view





Front and rear double maintenance:

Magnetic suction module, you can easily take the module from the front, also can take the module from the back, the realization of the front and rear double maintenance function, farewell to the installation maintenance efficiency low problem


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