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Stadium,sports centers, theater, square fences install led display, these are good places show advertising. There are also specific lightweight and modular versions for these places which are very easy to maintain and safety for audience. Our banners LED display can meet a variety of top maintain needs of the occasion.
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Product Details

Stadium banners led display on the fences

1.Product Introduction

Adopting high brightness LED lamp with wide range led angle this ensure the highest image quantity

The images of Front Service LED Display are more stable with 2400Hz refresh rate and no vision data miss while transfer by camera for the live show

The module with soft mask and Cabinet Top Round Safeguard are specially designed to protect body hitting.

The cabinet designed with Epoxy Paint Coated Aluminum, it is so light weight that makes it easy to install and move.

Cabinet Underlay Easy-removable is specially designed to protect water & dirty to Cabinet and Cabinet Back Support Is adjustable so you can adjust the angle to a good value easily

Function of software divided realizes multi-window display of the complete screen and is able to show images, text, clock and game score and broadcast live show.

2.Features and Advantages:


Support multiple sponsors

Create premium ad packages

Perfect advertising impact

Intensify audience’s enjoyment

Enable urgent information transmission


• Increase the stadium’s revenue

• Enhance the entertainment value of the stadium

•Improve the security of the stadium


Stadium banners led display are install on the fences for the areas inside stadiums, sports centers, swimming pools and any types of sports facilities with high seating capacity.


4.Production details 





There are mainly two types of packing way: flight case and wooden case

Flight case is mainly for die-casting aluminum rental cabinet for it is more convenient to load and unload, and shipment. Wooden case is mainly for fixed installation screen cabinet because it less moves the screen, mostly permanently fix in a location. Wooden case packing is cheaper.

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5.Product qualification

JCD LED display Quality Control Program


6.Deliver, shipping and serving

Delivery: 20 to 25days after get deposit;

Shipping way: by sea or by air;

Payment method:  T/T 30% deposit; balance before shipping goods;  

Warranty Period: two years on parts; technical support in five years;

After-sales service

The company will provide technical support and after service of the product for users, and will also provide complete assessment advices and relevant technical suggestions in aspects of technical parameters, specifications, configuration, functions and environmental factors. All these service will assure safe, stable and efficient running of software and hardware of supplied equipment so as to ensure normal operating of users’ businesses.

1. Provide free support of service line and email address

In case your maintenance personnel come across any maintaining or operating problems, you can call our after service office to consult our technical experts for the relevant problems. Our service line operates 8hours/day from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and 6 days/week from Monday to Saturday. No matter whatever condition our service line is under, you can contact us by the 24-hour working email address for technical support by our Engineering and Service Department. Once we receive your email, we will try our best to answer your questions and solve relevant problems as fast as we can.

2. Provide free remote assistance service

In case the relevant technical problems feedback by you may not be solved by phone calls or emails in real-time, as the case may be, we will provide remote assistance or dispatch our engineers to the engineering site to help you.

3. Provide lifelong maintenance service of the product

Within the maintenance period, we will take charge of maintenance of all the equipment under the contract and replace or repair all the damaged equipment or parts due to product design, installation process, materials, product quality and accessories.

 After the warranty period, our engineers will conduct one-time overall testing and adjusting of the large displays. When the maintenance period expires, we will provide you with the same quality spare products and parts for emergent fault replacement and possible fault maintenance during operating of large displays to ensure stable operating of system. All the replaced spare parts will be charged costs only. In case of faults of module, power or control system, you may send it back to us directly for examination and repair. Our technical staff will return it to you in time once it is surely fixed. For the cases that couldn’t be fixed, we will provide you with the same quality accessories, charging costs only.

4. Free upgrading

We will offer lifelong software upgrading of your equipment to provide the latest version of control software in time.

5. Other terms and conditions

The maintenance service is valid only for the originally provided equipment and original installation places and users. If the relevant equipment is re-installed in other places or the user transferred the ownership of the display equipment under the contract, the user shall inform us in written for re-assessment of relevant services. Otherwise, the relevant maintenance service will be invalid.

6. Long-time provision of spare products, parts and special tools

Within the service terms and conditions, we will store sufficient quantity of the same pipe core and components of the same production batch to ensure the quality of after service so that the purchasers will not delay system operating due to lacking parts; we can provide equipment of similar types for temporary and alternate usage under special situations, so as to assure the maintenance service of the project is smoothly carried out.

7. Points for attention

Our service excludes the faults or damages that are caused by negligence, accidents, natural disasters, operating not complying to the user manual, misuse and handling products not in accordance with instructions, as well as self-modified products or missing parts. Any damage resulted from maintaining, modifying or arbitrarily changing the system by personnel without the company’s authorization shall be excluded from the maintenance service terms. In case the user, by himself, removes any mask, LED light and other appliances, which may lead to safety risks or functional faults, this

7.Product Parameter (specification)

Banner led display parameter


Pixel Pitch(MM)



Physical Density(dot/M2)



LED Type



Module Size(MM*MM)



Module Resolution(PX*PX)



Main technical parameters

Drive Mode

Constant Current Drive

Scan Mode



Viewing Angle(Deg)




Grey Scale


Refresh Rate(HZ)


Cabinet Resolution



Cabinet Max Power Consumption(W)



Cabinet Average Power Consumption(W)



Cabinet Size(MM*MM)



Cabinet Material


Input Voltage

AC 110V~220V+/-10%

Refresh Frame Frequency(Hz)


Protection Level


Working Environment


Working Temperature(Celsius degree)


Storage Temperature(RH)


Life Span(H)


The above information is for reference only, subject to final confirmation with the business personnel


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