Pole LED Display

According to the information that the outdoor LED display screen size limit in North America , and usually install outdoor LED display on wall of building, on pillar or in between two pillars. So one bigger cabinet as a LED display with front open door turn to this district popular LED display. This kind of LED display easy install and maintain. They bring better adverting effect than printing advertisements for users.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

1.Front open door LED sign cabinet;

2.Have enough places for check control system and electric circuit inside of cabinet.

3.Installation without structure.

4.Support customized size, cabinet color;                                            

2.Product detail

Composite of LED Screen




1.PCB: JCDads use the best KB material from the market. With KB material, PCB will be extremely flat to make sure the

 uniformity of LED lamp and stability of current circuit. we design all the pcb by ourselves , comparing to the 

other suppliers’ 1.6mm pcb , all the depth of Q-color’s pcb is 2.0mm;

2.Shell of module: JCDads select the pure PC material or PC & fiber glass module housing for every different needs of LED 

Display project. With anti-UV (ultraviolet) function for all outdoor modules housing which would prevent aging for a long time 

use. Obviously, it ensures the life span and stability for LED Display;

3.LED lamp: chip has high luminous efficiency, to make sure display appears high  brightness and uniformity under low electric current, so as bringing longer life of display;

4.IC: we used the original brand MBI IC driver ,this good for video quality and life span of display; 

5. Connecter of module: All the connectors are used by copper and 3U gold-plated.

3.characteristic and advantages







Pole LED Display


4.Control system diagram




5.Product Parameter (specification)

 Outdoor DIP Front Service scrolling LED sign Series -Parameters                         


P10                      P16                   P20

Pixel Pitch

10 mm                   16mm                  20mm

LED Type

DIP346                  DIP346                 DIP346


1R1G1B                 1R1G1B                1R1G1B

Module Size

160*160 mm             256*12mm              320*160mm

Pixel Density

10000 pixel/㎡           3906pixel/m2                   2500pixel/m2


≥ 7000 cd/㎡             >8000cd/sqm            >7000cd/sqm

Scan Way

1/4                      Static                  Static

Cabinet Resolution

Customize               Customized             Customize

Mininum Viewing Distance

10-12m                 16-18m                 20m

Avg.Power Consumption

Avg.146w/sqm           Avg.120w/sqm          >1920Hz

Cabinet Size/ Weight

Customize              Customized             >1920Hz

Gray Scale

16 Bit                  16bit                   >1920Hz

Refresh Rate

≥ 1920Hz               >1920Hz               >1920Hz

Viewing Angle

H:110°, V:45°            H:110°, V:45°           H:110°, V:45°

IP Rating

Front IP65, Rear IP54    Front IP65, Rear IP54    Front IP65, Rear IP54 


'-40℃~60℃             -40℃~60℃            -40℃~60℃

Input Voltage

AC 110~220 V (±5%)    AC 110~220 V (±5%)   AC 110~220 V (±5%)      


100000 Hour            100000 Hour           100000 Hour

The above information is for reference only, subject to final confirmation with the business personnel


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