Digital LED Display

Key Benefits
1, Support front and back service. Replace module, receiving card and power supply from front are available.
2, Plug and turn, two fast lock two steps for front service, 8 seconds to take off one module. Save a lot of time and labor cost.
3, Ideal for mounting led display, no need space behind the led video wall.
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Product Details

Product Brief:

digital led display bring out the most vivid images, which captivate the eyes. With various resolutions, the images or videos can be seen from any distance, near or far. They can also be seen at any speed, from walking speeds as well as highway speeds. We use best LED out in the market for brighter and smoother moving motion images than our competitors.See our digital led display features as below.

1, Maximum brightness & contrast

2, Maximum vertical visibility

3, 100,000 hours lifespan

4, Weather-proof cabinet

5, Lightning resistant electronics

6, Modular design for flexibility

7, Versatile mounting options

8, Lightweight and structurally sound

digital led display parameter

Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density/m2


LED Configuration


Module Size(mm)


Module size(ft)

1ft * 1ft

Module resolution

28*28 dots

Panel size (WxH)

3ft * 3ft

Minimum Viewing Distance


Driving IC


Refresh Rate

≥ 2880 Hz



Viewing Angle (H/V)



100,000 hours

Operating Temperature

-20℃~ +60℃

IP Rating


Control System



2 years

Use T-tool to take off 2 fast locks


digital led display aging time 


Waterproof Cabinet View


Factory View


FAQ-How do I decide what digital led display is right for me?

There a few factors that that determine what screen and size of screen will be right for your event. These include how close your audience are to the screen, the audience size, if your event is indoors or outdoors. The easiest option is to give us a call or write email and we will have you in your decision.

FAQ-How big are LED Screens?

LED Screens are modular. They are actually made up of lots of individual panels or modules. The panels can be connected in any shape or size to create a screen that you want. 

FAQ-What can I show on my digital led display?

We can help you show anything you want on your screen. Plug in a laptop and show presentations, videos, and slideshows. We can take live video feeds and signals from your computers, vision mixers, or any output source including CV, VGA, HDMI, DVI, SDI, HD-SDI and more.


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