P10 LED Video Display

Product feature
1, Support front and rear maintenance.
2, Fast assemble and dismantle,save time and labor cost.
3, Adaptive to different installation environments.
4, Special PCB design with lower current to save energy more than 30%.
5, Selected small tolerance wavelength led lamp ensure high uniformity.
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Product Details

P10 LED Video Display Introduction

In some situation, the traditional back led video display is not avaiable as there is no enough space behind the led display. At this time, we can consider the front maintainence led video display.

As we konw, cabinet front service is suitable for small size led video display. If big size, then this type fast remove led video display is perfect. Easy to take off and save a lot of time and labor cost.

P10 LED Video Display led module back view


T-tool to take off led module front front with 2 locks


Standard outside led screen cabinet


P10 led display againg time



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