LED Video Display

Key Benefits
1, Support front and back service. Replace module, receiving card and power supply from front are available.
2, Plug and turn, two fast lock two steps for front service, 8 seconds to take off one module. Save a lot of time and labor cost.
3, Ideal for mounting led display, no need space behind the led video wall.
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Product Details

Product Brief

Nowadays,the led video display for advertisement widely use in the world. Especially the back access outdoor led billboard. But sometimes there is no maintenance space behind the led display, we can consider front maintenance, our fast lock front service led module is meet this application.

See features as below:

1, Maintenance can be from front or rear side.The led billboard module designed to 2 locks use T-tool, it is more easier and faster than the 8 screw holes of traditional led module.

2, It can be installed without taking the space for back maintenance channel into consideration, thus improving your work efficiency.

3, Long-term Brightness:more than 7000nit brightness throughout product lifetime of the LED video display

4, It Controlled with PC by synchronization, with high refresh rate.Sure Async control is also available.

P12.7 Outdoor Waterproof LED Video Display

Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density/m2


LED Configuration


Module Size(mm)


Module size(ft)

1ft * 1ft

Module resolution

28*28 dots

Panel size (WxH)

3ft * 3ft

Minimum Viewing Distance


Driving IC


Refresh Rate

≥ 2880 Hz



Viewing Angle (H/V)



100,000 hours

Operating Temperature

-20℃~ +60℃

IP Rating


Control System

Novastar/Linsn /Colorlight


2 years

Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Video Displays



Outdoor SMD LED Wall



FAQ-What We Should Consider for the Location of Outdoor LED video display?

People should consider a lot when we select the location for outdoor led video display. We offer some of them as below for your reference.

1) Is this location a good place for advertisement?

2) Can you get the permission to install the LED video display on the location from the government or its subsidiary ?

3) How to rent the location from the landlord or the owner?

4) How to install the LED video display on the location? With a steel structure on the wall or on the roof? On a single pole or double poles? Or others? 

5) Can you design and build the structure for the LED video display installation? 

6) What about the power for the LED display? How to get the power? What is the power cost?

7)  Where shall we operate the LED video display? That is, where shall you we put the control computer of LED display?


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