Outdoor Fast Remove Fixed Advertising Led Display

Product Brief: Led billboards are one of the most mature and widely used LED products in the LED display industry. As a popular media advertising tool, the P10 outdoor LED display can be used to display advertising words, advertising pictures and advertising videos. P10 outdoor full color led...
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Outdoor Fast Remove Fixed Advertising Led Display Introduction:

Outdoor led display with its hd digital development trend, as a new media can not be ignored a force. It is not only an extension of traditional outdoor media and TV media, but also combines with weibo, LBS positioning and other social media and mobile terminals to build a three-dimensional space for interaction and communication with consumers. At the same time, it gives more possibilities for creativity and shapes its own core media value.

Fast remove led module




Outdoor led billboard case

led billboard

Led board aging time

led board aging time

We often have a misunderstanding of advertising led screen, that is, we will think that its broadcast content only advertising. But in fact, outdoor LED screen broadcast content is very rich, including promotional video, variety, and many other content. Interspersed advertising in these rich genres will no doubt attract more attention. Meanwhile, we also provide Outdoor Fast Remove Fixed Advertising Led Display, it can save a lot of labor time and also suitable for big led screen. 

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