9 advantages of LED display

- May 06, 2019-

LED display is not strange to everyone, walking in the street, usually look at the beautiful picture played out, its beautiful effect is known to everyone, so, we are fully aware of the advantages of LED display? Now let's talk about the LED display in detail.

1. Security: the distinctive feature of LED display is that it USES low-voltage dc power supply voltage, which is very safe in use.

2. Hardness: the LED display adopts FPC as the substrate, and the hardness of the screen is appropriate.

3, high life: LED display in the same working environment and long conditions, compared with the normal LED display life is much higher

4. Energy saving: compared with the traditional LED display, the energy saving of LED display is very good, with low power and more significant effect. For all the large LED display manufacturers, this is also the first to have the elements.

5. Easy installation: because of the material and structure of LED display, it is light and convenient, which provides very convenient conditions for installation.

6. Lifelike color: LED display adopts high-brightness patch, lifelike and soft color, no harm to human eyes, and high brightness.

7. Green environmental protection: the material adopts environmental protection material, which can be recycled, processed and reused, and will not cause pollution to the environment.

8. Low calorific value: the biggest safety hazard of LED display is that when it works continuously for a long time, the high heat generated will reduce the service life of the equipment, and even lead to serious fire. LED display in the heat up and down a lot of effort, efficient heat dissipation processing coupled with its own electronic components is low power consumption, the heat will not be large, naturally eliminated this hidden danger.

9, widely used: LED display because of its light and thin, quality and excellent effect and LED display price is also moderate, often used in various fields and a variety of industries, in the future more sophisticated, its coverage will be more extensive!