99% of people don't know how to match the Front Service LED Display configuration?

- Jan 25, 2019-

About the Front Service LED Display system, as the new darling of the LED display industry, its features are lower in price, more stable in performance, lower in power consumption, higher in unit resolution, more vivid in color, and fewer electronic components in the system. The failure rate is reduced. Deeply loved by customers.

A, Front Service LED Display power:

The power supply has also been rapidly increasing in the LED industry, increasing the sales of power supplies. The stability and performance of the power supply determine the performance of the LED full color screen, and the power supply of various models is also very particular. The power required for the LED full color screen is calculated based on the power of the unit board, and the requirements of various models are different.

B, Front Service LED Display box:

The cabinet is made up of a plurality of unit plates according to the size, and the plurality of cabinets are assembled into one screen. The cabinet is professionally built with a simple box and a waterproof case. The rapid development of the LED industry has also made the manufacturers of LED full-color screen boxes almost saturated every month, which has driven the development and prospects of the manufacturer.

C, LED indoor and LED outdoor screen modules:

The LED module is composed of a kit, a bottom case, a mask, etc. The LED full color screen is composed of one LED module, which is the LED full color screen that we now see.

D, LED display control system:

The control system is an important part of the Front Service LED Display. The transmission of the video is transmitted to the receiving card of the LED full color screen via the sending card and the graphics card, and then the signal is transmitted to the HUB board by the receiving card: Install a card on the receiving card. The adapter board (also commonly referred to as the HUB board), the receiving card transmits the data to the transfer board, and then the data on the transfer board is transmitted to the single-row or single-row Front Service LED Display module of the display box through the cable. Above, then the LED module and the LED module are also connected by the cable. Generally, one adapter board has only 8 sockets, that is, one adapter board can only transmit data of 8 rows or 8 columns of LED modules.