Advantages Of LED Display To Traditional Advertising Media

- Mar 15, 2019-

Comparing with traditional advertising media, LED digital display have the following advantages:

1. The advertising on the LED screen is dynamic and constantly changing, so the audience would not feel boring when they watch the advertising programme. People would like to stay longer time to watch the vivid color and beautiful image. In this way, certainly they will be greatly impressed.

2. The great convenience of programme and edit. During an advertising campaign, it is possible to correct and change instantly information.

3. Though the advertising function of LED screen is great, the price is not high nowadays. And for the advertisers, the cost of advertising on LED screens is almost the same with traditional advertising billboards, and lower than TV and radio media.

4. The advertsing on the LED displays is quiet and would not cause the boredom of the audience. Not like TV and radio advertising, the advertising on the LED display is not in street, stadium and such public place.

5. The owners of the LED displays rent the equipment and calculated with time. And it is the stable income of them.

6. For the big companies, banks, publishing houses, casinos, hotels, entertainment complexes, the LED display attracts the interest in the promotion of their goods and services, and attract new customers to their offices. Also, if they sell the advertising space on the LED displays, it is a doubtless plus for the business.