Are outdoor ads for people who are outdoors or for people who check their mobile phones?

- Nov 19, 2019-

1, outdoor advertising can be both for the outdoor people to see and can be seen by the mobile phone of course is the best

Location is the primary factor that reflects the value of outdoor advertising. The location mentioned here not only refers to the building on the back of outdoor advertising, but also refers to the scene and environment around the release of outdoor advertising, because the former determines the form of outdoor advertising, while the latter determines the people contacted by outdoor advertising. The goal of advertising is to spread the brand and products to the people who want to spread. Therefore, the scene environment surrounding the release of outdoor advertising determines the people who want to spread. Airport outdoor advertising terminal is to travel to spread; The subway station where the outdoor advertisement is spread to commuters; Building elevator advertising is to spread the elevator to the community population...... Customers first choose the scene environment to put outdoor advertisements according to the target audience of their brand products, and then output different creative content according to different forms of outdoor advertisements to attract the audience to watch, so that people who understand the logic understand and will use, the industry continues for many years, the effect is obvious.

Of course, after the world enters the Internet, especially the era of mobile Internet after 4G application, outdoor advertising has a lot of new ways: human screen interaction, naked eye 3D, live broadcast on screen...... When these creative drop in addition to that target audience participation in outdoor and implement communication, based on the novel style and with digital transmission through online factors of outdoor new play can also in the world of the Internet through social media spread to online groups, so as to further expand the influence and effect of the outdoor advertising. I think this kind of outdoor advertising can not only give people in the outdoor and online people to spread the effect is the best, but also should become the outdoor advertising industry tirelessly pursue and try to create a communication classic, we should work together to achieve the best effect for customers.

2. Of course, outdoor people and mobile phone users prefer outdoor advertising

In the era of mobile Internet, people who are outdoors and those who use their mobile phones actually have something in common. After all, people who are outdoors with 4G signal will use their mobile phones. This is both a challenge and the opportunity of outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising challenge is, of course, the influence of the brush from the "head" mobile phone, this is all the challenges of traditional media, and the opportunities it is thanks to the scene of outdoor advertising, because each person is outdoor always has its own purpose, or shopping or travel or go home, let a brush in outdoor mobile phone can't bow all the time and always look up the opportunity to receive the outdoor advertising information dissemination. Because of this, outdoor advertising should have the responsibility to give priority to the dissemination of people in the outdoor, with creative mind planning outdoor brand, with the ability to choose professional services outdoor customers, make every effort to create, reflect and verify the value of outdoor advertising.

Set out to do these,, process, and China is all about people, the starting point is the study of the client's target audience crowd trying to find the most appropriate delivery plan, the process is the brand of products tailored to customers the most attractive outdoor people watch the creative performance, while the subject is through scientific means of monitoring for clients to verify the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. When we try our best to do all of these things, and then attract outdoor advertisements to spread online through the advantages of innovative form and landmark location, it is the Bonus effect for customers. If yes, we are happy, but if no, we don't need to blame ourselves too much. After all, what we do is outdoor advertising communication, not another category of online advertising promotion. Outdoor people are the target of priority communication for our clients' brand products.

3. Don't put the cart before the horse by targeting outdoor ads at people who check their phones

Two answers have been very stressed "outdoor advertising is to see people in the outdoor" this point of view, I don't agree on the outdoor advertising's main goal is to trigger the online communication is read by people who brush for mobile phone, in particular against certain counterparts without study your own operation of outdoor media to the scene position under the premise of how much and what people see, online implementation to outdoor advertising spread instead of outdoor advertising these precious real people facing real situations, the effect of this is putting the cart before the horse and the practice of resources mismatch. What? I'm a radical, right? Please listen to my reasons first.

First look at the phenomenon. In the past two years, some customers are keen to put advertisements on some city landmarks in the form of subtitles or projection, and then spread them online through WeChat or microblog through the influence of these landmarks. Surface looks like is very severe, and consider will feel is really putting the cart before the horse and resources mismatch, the landmark buildings in general are skyscrapers, outdoor people in far-flung places (widely separated by a river, some is specific in the distance, and even individual sites to buy a ticket) to see, don't use scenario position to define people with the spread and more accurately measuring the traffic.

As for the initiation of online communication, since it is online, of course, we can know the click rate PV,UV and other effect data. However, it is better to plan an event that can be widely spread online. Why bother to launch so many skyscrapers in several cities? If they think the brand is a big thing on the skyscrapers, that also can only make one or two at most, because after all these landmark skyscraper itself conveys the creative content is limited, at most is to make a few characters, show a LOGO, and even some lighting project can only display white light, even the color shows don't come out. Audience (not the target audience, because only for a day or two landmark skyscraper of online communication can't accurate target, if you want to achieve accurate lock it and take a pen on the other line transmission cost) in the online brush on the phone's small screen in addition to feel the brand product the skyscraper in this matter is very cow force, I don't know what they still have some feelings, or peers can tell me to do research?